Product Description and Range.

Centuries Cocoa Products Ghana Limited will process solar-dried premium cocoa beans into semi-finished cocoa products for the local and export market.

  •  Source of Raw Materials :  

All premium dried cocoa beans would be directly purchased from the regulatory body Ghana Cocoa Board.

  • Export percentage per Products range
  1. Semi-finished non alkalized cocoa powder – 70% (export).
  2. Strategic sales and distribution channels of newly developed brand ALL DAY COCOA PRODUCT -30% would be sold for the local market In order to promote the nationwide health benefits awareness in cocoa consumption campaign to reach the unreachable communities within the sixteen (16) regions of Ghana.
  3. The company has registered quite a number of micro wholesalers and retailers throughout the country to be managed by CENTURIES COCOA PRODUCTS TRADERS ASSOCIATION LTD.

The targeted total number of members to be registered is 550,000

The following range of semi-finished products would be manufactured from 70% to 100% export respectively.

  1. Cocoa butter
  2. Deodorised cocoa butter
  3. Cocoa liquor
  4. Cocoa cake
  5. Light Brown alkalized cocoa powder
  6. Medium brown alkalized cocoa Powder
  7. Dark Brown alkalized cocoa powder
  8. Very dark brown alkalized cocoa powder
  9. Reddish-brown alkalized cocoa powder
  10. Black alkalized cocoa powder.
  • The Company will export 70% Semi-finished non alkalized cocoa powder.
  • All finished cocoa powder products would be packaged in 400g plastic bottles for ALL DAY COCOA POWDER for 30% local market in order to sell and distribute within the 16 regions of Ghana to enhance the citizen’s immune system and prevent diseases without any side effects.

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