Key Objectives - To offer Administrative, Financial, and Managerial Services.

1. Centuries Cocoa Products Ghana Limited

Key Objective
Manufacturers of cocoa products, chocolate, and sugar confectionery.

2. Centuries Industrial Company Limited

Key objectives
1. Manufacturers of pulp and paper products
2. Manufactures of paper egg trays
3. Manufacturers of Jute and allied sacs
4. Manufacturers of educational exercise and textbooks

3. Centuries Specialty Paper Industries Limited

Key objectives
1. Organiser of paper fairs and events
2. Manufacturers of specialized paper products
3. Manufacturers of the toilet and allied tissue products

4. Centuries International Cocoa Chocolate Festival Organisation

Key objectives:
1. Organiser of international cocoa and Chocolate festival events
2. Promotion of cocoa beverage Consumption through health awareness presentations
3. Advocate of Cocoa Products Traders

5. Centuries Sinewave Electric Power Limited

Key objectives
1. Operators of power plants.
2. Production and Transmission of Bulk Power.

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