Our registered sister company Centuries International Cocoa Chocolate Festival Organization (NGO) is engaged to develop and plan the nationwide activities started in 2009.


It has organized the first-ever 14 days International cocoa and Chocolate festival event at pavilion A in 2009 successfully bringing together the following:
1. All by-products of Cocoa Research Institute Tafo (a division) of Ghana Cocoa Board

2. Promoted and introduced free cocoa beverage drink at a 3 days forum at La Beach hotel successfully.

3. Created marketing opportunities and promoted the following cocoa powder brands

  • Brown Gold Cocoa Powder.
  • Kakawa Cocoa Powder
  • Golden Age Cocoa Powder
  • Royal Cocoa Powder.
  • Sunny Cocoa Powder
  • Broma Cocoa Powder

Key Sponsors

Official key sponsors for Centuries International Cocoa- Chocolate Festival Organization (NGO) to develop, promote and serve free cocoa beverage consumption with cocoa bread to Ghana Education Service schools on a pilot scale in Accra and Akosombo International School are as follows:

Ghana Cocoaboard


Salma Investment Limited


Koala Super Market Limited


La Beach Hotel Limited


Centuries Industrial Company Limited


Friesland Foods Limited


Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited


Gemtiek Commercial Enterprise


In 2011, the second pilot-scale 14 days cocoa chocolate festival event was developed, planned and
organized by Centuries International Cocoa- ﹰChocolate ﹰFestival ﹰOrganization (NGO) in
collaboration with Ghana Health Service, Ghana Education Services, Ghana Chefs Association,
Ghana News Agency, GBCTV, TV3, NET2, and Gemtiek Commercial Enterprise.


The 3rd to 16th International cocoa Chocolate festival events will take place in each of the 16 regions of Ghana by Centuries International Cocoa Chocolate Festival Organisation to create health benefits awareness, promote and create marketing opportunities for our brands.

To introduce and serve free cocoa beverage drink in graded and branded paper disposable cups by applying the best hygiene practices as previously, in order to sustain environmental pollution.

To champion the leadership role to support Ghana government policies and introduce cocoa beverage on a rotational basis as announced in the 2019 GBC bulletin.

The following government and private institutions have had their fair share of the nationwide pilot scale-free cocoa consumption.

  1. Ministry of Defence.
  2. Ministry of Road and Highways
  3. VRA head office and annex
  4. GCB bank branches in Accra, Tema, and Tamale.
  5. Selected Units and regiments and all basic schools of Ghana Armed forces at Burmacamp, Accra
  6. Ghana Police Service Schools
  7. Ghana Air force Tamale
  8. All commercial banks at Tamale.
  9. Ghana Prison Service HQ

Selected schools managed by Ghana Education Service which included Anglican schools high Street Accra, Methodist schools Accra, Catholic School, Accra, Presby schools, Lekma Schools Teshie, Accra, SDA Schools Nii Boitown Accra, Achimota Preparatory school, Olenu School La, Accra; Vichans school, Heaven Bell Academy, Golden Age school of Ayawaso Municipal Assembly.

The following are officially registered and existing members managed and directed by Centuries Development Group Ghana Limited.

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