About Us

Main Business

The prime objectives are:
a) Manufacturing of Cocoa Products

b) Operators and managers of cocoa vendor shops and commercial showrooms.

c) Operators of cocoa mobile vendor vans.

What We Offer

We process and package semi-finished and finished cocoa products

Our Mission

Mission Is to achieve confidence and trust in our customers and other stakeholders in relation to our Products. (Key areas to be noted include product knowledge, Innovation, Leadership and Dependability.)

Core Values

Our core Value is to maintain a significant believe in our company culture, products, employees and stakeholders.

Our Vision

To lead in the promotion, marketing, and selling of best Solutions to customers "needs" in the form of well Scrutinized Cocoa Products.

Key Aim

The general aim is to show care, compassion and respect to all customers first and all staff.

Keys to Success

The keys that make Centuries unique are:

  1. Offering quality and affordable cocoa products.
  2. Reliable and timely deliveries of our brand
  3. Develop a team that is capable of delivering to customer’s satisfaction which must be their passion.
  4. Engage professional team with an in depth knowledge to deliver our brand of Products to the unreachable customers within the unreached communities of Ghana.
  5. Employing creative and innovative media marketing to strengthen market presence.

Buy our cocoa products

Work with experienced engineers.


The Company is in the process to register 550,000 micro wholesalers, retailers and commercial traders nationwide to sell and distribute our brands of cocoa powder and confectionery products. The registered members would be managed and coordinated by CENTURIES COCOA PRODUCTS TRADERS ASSOCIATION LTD

They will sell 30% of total non-alkalized cocoa powder and confectionery products for affordability within the 16 regions of Ghana.


All Major activities of the industry is under the Ministry of Trade and Industry Accra


 Centuries Cocoa Products Ghana Limited was incorporated to commenced business on the 20th September, 2011 at the Registrar Generals Department of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) under the laws of the Republic of Ghana.


The company is a manufacturer for both primary and secondary cocoa and confectionery products as follows:

  1. Manufacture of cocoa products
  2. Operators and managers of cocoa vendor shops and commercial show rooms
  3. Operators of mobile vendor vans


As our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) the company has developed plans for activities to cultivate and expand cocoa plantation engaging the group of youths from 18years and above  to enhance their livelihood  as new cocoa farmers utilizing modern technology with irrigation, hybrid of higher and faster yielding cocoa crop developed in Ghana by Cocoa Research Institute- Tafo, a division of Ghana Cocoaboard; proper agronomic practices in commercial cocoa plantations , establishing  modern  cocoa seedlings nursery for out growers.


 Key objectives

  1.  To alleviate poverty
  2. Encourage and balance the gender equation for more female to identify their potential to become cocoa farm owners in a partnership scheme with our sister company Centuries International Cocoa Chocolate Festival Organization a non-profit (NGO).
  3. Create permanent job opportunities for the youth.
  4. Access to financial support and farming inputs.
  5. Elimination of the use of Child labour in the cocoa industry.

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